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How to Wear a Durag: The Complete Guide to Wearing a Durag the Best Way

Trying to figure out how to properly wear a durag? If so, you should check out our guide here to learn more about tying a durag.

Historically, the durag has been misrepresented by mainstream media. Today, however, times are changing with the rise of a huge fashion wave. The black community has succeeded in destroying the negative stereotypes associated with this garment.

Rihanna herself wore a durag on the cover of British Vogue magazine. It's a step forward to show the world the wonders of clothing and its history to people of color. The durag is also a fashionable garment that you can wear for any occasion.

If you want to learn how to wear a durag, look no further. We have a guide that will help you dress in style. Here's how to put on a durag and the different ways to do it:

What is a durag? A durag, also known as a wave cap, protects the hair patterns on your head or waves. This helps prevent styled hair from being damaged by sleeping or wearing hats. It's also an easy and safe way to get cool and trendy 360 waves!

On the other hand, people wear durags to express themselves and their identity. This garment represents the reconquest of the identity of people of color. Wearing one is as much a statement of pride as it is an appreciation of these stylish garments.

Wearing it can also promote the growth of dreadlocks and waves on your head. The durag top for waves helps prevent frizz and keep your curls tidy throughout the day. The cap prevents your curls from flying back after combing your hair.

So why do men wear durags? This is because the durag is not only a fashionable garment, but also one imbued with identity and pride.


Before wearing a durag, here are some great tips you can follow to look your best.

First, when tying a durag, the ties should lay flat and smooth on your forehead. It's not only more practical, but also more aesthetic than rolling it up anyhow!

If you sleep with the durag, tie it with a blindfold to prevent it from coming undone. This will ensure that your hard work doesn't go away in the middle of the night.

It's easier to use any kind of mirror you have at home to help tie your durag. If a mirror is not accessible, feel it yourself to see if you have placed it correctly. If you're a beginner, you're likely to make mistakes, so it's best to practice first.


Knowing how to wear a durag is easy once you get the hang of it. Turn the durag over so the seam is on the outside. You do this to smooth out the durag and make sure it doesn't form any weird bulges when you wear it.

Place the durag on your head and align the center seam with your nose. The edge of your durag should sit above your eyebrows or in the center of your forehead, whichever you prefer. Make sure that your hairline is completely covered, otherwise your durag won't stay on your head for too long.

Take the ties of your durag in separate hands and bring them over your ears. Then wrap your head from the back and cross the ties in front of your head to form an x. Finally, tie a knot behind your head to secure everything.

This step is optional, but you can fold or tuck the flap inside the knot. If you want to let the flap hang around your neck, you are free to do so.

DURAG SIDE TIE (sideways)

Another popular option is to tie the durag so that it hangs over the side of your head. The procedure is the same as the normal durag style, from the beginning to the part where you wrap the ties over your forehead.

After wrapping the ties, stop at the side of your face where you want to tie your knot. Tie the knot here, as with the original tie. So the durag rests on your head, but the knot is clearly visible.


If you prefer to wear a front tie durag, you should follow a similar procedure as the side tie durag. The procedure is more or less the same as the normal durag style until the ties cross.

After crossing the ties over each other behind your head, grab the ends at the front of your forehead. Tie a knot with the ends and you're done.

There are so many ways to tie knots in your durag. Although it depends more on your personal style preference. Don't limit yourself to a simple knot, try different knots and how you can fold the flap!


First, lay the bandana on a table or on your lap so you can fold it more easily. Hold the opposite ends and fold them over to form a triangle. Remember that the larger the triangle, the shorter the flap will be when you put it on.

With the triangle facing you, place the bandana over your head. It should look like a durag on your forehead with two ties on the sides of your face. Pull the ends towards the back of your head and knot them.

Pull the flap down to remove any visible creases on the bandana. After smoothing it out, tighten the knot behind your head. You can now adjust your makeshift durag as you see fit.

Here is one of the different styles and materials you can use for durags. Remember this guide whenever you want to refresh your memory on how to wear a durag correctly!

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