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The History of the Durag

A durag is a scarf-like accessory that can be draped around the head to protect the hair or to make a fashion statement. The durag is not a new idea, either in terms of fashion or hair protection.

The scarf is part of the story. It was present in the 19th century when people of African American descent used it. They used the durags to protect their face from sweat and hair during their work as slaves and laborers. It was also used in the Ethiopian defense camp. Ethiopian soldiers used these scarves in the 19th century.

The first mention of a durag dates back to 1966. An article in the Akron Beacon Journal describes it as a "strip of cloth" draped around the head, covering the forehead, to keep sweat out.

Over time, the purpose of the durag expanded into fashion. Besides being a stylish fashion accessory, the durag preserves hairstyles such as braids. Used appropriately, a durag can hold a wig in place while proclaiming your individual style to the world.

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