Halloween Durag | Global Durag

Welcome to our collection of Halloween inspired durags at Global Durag! We are delighted to bring you a unique selection of durags designed to add a touch of originality and style to your Halloween outfit.

Our Halloween durags come in a variety of designs inspired by the season, from pumpkins and bats to ghosts and skeletons. Each of our durags is designed to be comfortable and easy to wear while providing protection for your hair from chafing and damage.

Whether you're looking to complete your outfit for a costume party or simply add a festive touch to your everyday style, our collection has you covered. Our Halloween durags are also a great choice for cosplay events and fashion enthusiasts looking to stand out.

We are proud of our collection of Halloween durags and are confident that you will find the perfect style to complete your Halloween outfit. All of our durags are high quality and are built to last, allowing you to wear them repeatedly for other party events.

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STEP 1. Place the Durag on your head evenly.

STEP 2: Take a link in each hand. Wrap the ties behind your head, crossing them behind the head, and bring them forward.

STEP 3: Cross the ties in front of your head. Make sure the ties lie flat in the front.

STEP 4. Tie a knot behind the head.

STEP 5. Pull the back flap down or lift the flap if desired.