Luxury Pink Velvet Durag | Global Durag

Luxury Pink Velvet Durag | Global Durag

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Descrizione del prodotto

 This velvet durag is made for you! It allows you to maintain your hairstyle or your waves after brushing or caring for your hair.

Moreover, this durag will suit and enhance your look and outfit with its unique design.

Thanks to its velvet material, it retains heat during cold periods if you use it in winter. if you want to have waves thanks to this durag you are in the right place!

  • Our velvet is durable with premium materials.

  • Model is unisex, this durag for men and women remains a very good gift idea.

  • The texture of this velvet durag is both silky and soft to the touch to bring a better feel to your hair.

  • The durag facilitates and helps to obtain the waves

  • This durag model allows you to stand out and have a unique flow and hold.

Product description: Velvet Durag specially created by our designer and designer of qualitative materials to better retain the hydration and heat of your hair during periods of low temperature.

This velvet durag is the one you need to help you look better and elevate your status among those around you with its stylish side that is very popular in the market.

Rest assured, all eyes will be on you every time you wear your durag.

This one fits any hair type for men and women: straight hair, frizzy, lokser, curly hair. It will help you to have waves, and for women it can bring you a flattened effect for your baby hair.

  • One Size Fits All: This Velvet durag is designed to be one size fits all to cover your entire hair.
  • Quality materials: Our durags are both of superior quality and better protect your hair by maintaining the correct compression during use.
  • Unisex: This durag is unisex, designed for both men's and women's hair
  • Trend: This satin durag model is unique, which allows you to adjust it according to your tastes, your style and your desires of the day.
  • No Marking: Our seams are specially made to not leave the marking of the bands on your forehead while wearing the durag.
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