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The Durag Story

Durags, also known as "do-rags" or "du-rags", are cloth bandanas that men typically wear over their heads to hold their hair in place. They were popularized in the 90s by rappers and professional athletes, and have since grown in popularity with men of all ages and races.

Durags are often associated with African American culture, as they were used to hold frizzy, curly hair in place. However, they are also used by men of all races to keep hair smooth and straight in place, as well as to protect hair from damage caused by sleeping on feather or down pillows.

There are many different types of durags on the market, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. Cotton durags are the most commonly used, as they are soft, comfortable and breathable. Silk durags, on the other hand, are more expensive but more durable and less likely to cause skin irritation.


Durags can also be worn in different ways. Some men wear them wrapped around their heads, while others fold them in half to create a thicker band. There are also tie-on durags, which can be adjusted to fit the shape of each individual's head.


In addition to holding hair in place, durags can also be used to create unique hair styles. Men can use durags to create "waves" (ripples) in their hair, wearing them for a long period of time to help mold the hair into place. Durags can also be used to hold hair in place during athletic activities, preventing strands from falling on the face.

In summary, durags are practical and versatile accessories for men of all ages and races. They can be used to hold hair in place, protect hair from sleep damage and create unique hair styles.

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