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How to wear a durag?

The Durag is a fashion accessory that people have been wearing for a long time. We all know the famous actress and singer Rihanna who herself wore a Durag on the famous cover of British Vogue magazine. So here is a complete guide for those who want to know more about durags and how to use them properly.

Many of these companies are into manufacturing these Durags with the high quality. Taelor Boutique, Global Durag are one of them, which is a fashion family owned business. It specializes in the creation of luxury clothing and accessories.

All about the Durag:

Durags are usually made of satin, which helps protect your head from the sun's rays, air, or anything that can damage your hair. In addition to protection, it can also be used as a style icon.
Wearing it can contribute to the overall growth of your dreadlocks and improve the undulations of your hair to have waves. It prevents your hair from getting frizzy and keeps it clean all day.

How to wear a Durag?

For people who want to wear a Durag, here are some tips:

The ties should lie flat on the forehead and be done smoothly. This will give a neat and tidy look.
A mirror will always help you tie them well, but if you don't have a mirror at home, try feeling them yourself and check if you have placed them correctly.
As a beginner, it will always be difficult for you to do things right. Therefore, train well before wearing it.

There are many different ways to tie the durag. Here we will show you the most common way to tie it:

Turn the durag over so the seam is on the outside. You need to smooth out the durag to make sure it doesn't form any bulges.

Place the durag on your head and make sure the center seam lines up with your nose. The edge of the durag should rest on your forehead or in the center of it.

Make sure that your entire hairline is covered, otherwise the durag will come off easily.

Now take the ties of the durag in both of your hands and bring them over your ears, then to the back of your head, finally back to the front of your head. You can then tie a knot or tuck it in at your convenience.
There are many different styles and materials used for this durag. So you can choose which one you want to wear.

Follow this video which will allow you to follow in a few steps how to wear your durag.

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